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Ben Adkins

Ben Adkins & Associates ConsultingMediation * Training * Conflict Coaching
Cell Phone: 817-313-1693 Website: Ben Adkins & Associates Consulting
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Ben Adkins is a mediator, consultant, speaker, trainer and conflict coach. He knows conflicts are best resolved before they escalate into costly lawsuits or destroyed relationships. His approach is to help disputants reach agreements that preserve and enhance ongoing future interactions in the workplace or in the home.

Workplace Conflict Management

Ben facilitates collaborative problem solving with Boards of directors, supervisors and subordinates, team members and peers, inter- and intra-departments, labor and management, and professional colleagues.

In addition to mediating workplace issues and employee disputes, Ben consults with organizations to help them strategically manage and eliminate the destructive effects of unmanaged conflict. This leads to highly productive work environments free of costly grievances and complaints, low morale,  or workplace lawsuits.


Performance issues



Personality clashes

Team conflicts

Grievance and lawsuit prevention

Management problems


Outside of the Workplace

Conflicts occur within families and between neighbors that lead to strained relationships, dysfunctional behaviors and reduced quality of life. Through mediation and conflict coaching, Ben helps disputants discover new ways to communicate and resolve their issues so they can move forward with more fulfillment and better relationships.


Family disputes

Blended families, step-parent, in-law and extended family disputes

Neighbor disputes

Healing past injustices

Preserving future relations


Ben is a master trainer with Mediation Training Institute International, and a mediation instructor with Mediation Dynamics. He teaches classes on conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation at TCU. He is also a faculty member of the National College of District Attorneys. In addition to extensive mediations, Ben has conducted more than 3,200 seminars, workshops, and training sessions throughout the US, Canada, parts of Europe and Africa.

Contact Ben for a free initial consultation and assessment of how you can get the conflicts in your life resolved. Call now 817-313-1693.  Look under services at